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Amiga Flame's News From October 2000


(*)28/10/00: Amiga Inc Announce AmigaOne Framework

(*)28/10/00: Nightlong Released

(*)28/10/00: Sudden Strike

(*)28/10/00: Simon The Sorcerer II and The Feeble Files

(*)21/10/00: Europa Universalis

(*)21/10/00: Echelon: The Storm

(*)21/10/00: Battle for the Globe For Amiga PPC Gamers

(*)14/10/00: Happy Birthday Amiga Flame

(*)14/10/00: The Next Computing Revolution

(*)14/10/00: Bill McEwen's Latest Executive Update

(*)14/10/00: Update: Future Amiga One Game Releases

(*)14/10/00: Progress of Crystal Interactive Software's Games

(*)14/10/00: War Demos Earth 2140 and Exodus

(*)7/10/00: The Future of the Amiga

(*)7/10/00: Consolidation of Crystal Interactive Software to Clearwater Interactive

(*)7/10/00: AmiHoo Magazine, Nightlong and Amiga Future

(*)7/10/00: Fleecy Moss Speaks with Amiga Flame about Amiga's Future

(*)7/10/00: Amiga Flame Interview with Gary Peake, Director of Amiga's Support Program

(*)7/10/00: Demo of the Month - Virtual Ball Fighters and Bubble Heroes

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