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Virtual Ball Fighters and Bubble Heroes

Two new games have been released so far this month, Virtual Ball Fighters a puzzle game by Xteam Software Solution. A review by Kids Domain said, “This is like no other Tetris game you have ever seen. The 3D graphics are unbelievable”. The second game is Bubble Heroes, a puzzle/ adventure game from Arcadia Developments, currently available from Blittersoft. It seemed therefore only fair that they should be this months, Demos of the Month.

In the full version of Virtual Ball Fighters you can have one or two players, features eight characters and is said to have “ultra realistic artificial intelligence” with 8 levels of artificial intelligence. There are six playing modes - 1 Vs 1, Story, Battle, Survival, Time Dead, and Mortal along with 4 difficulty levels. Each character has more than 100 frames of animation with there also over 250 MB of incredible animations. It boasts 13 audio tracks, which is about one hour of music along with in-game speech.

The full version of Bubble Heroes, which is currently available from Blittersoft can be played in various modes, story mode, championship mode, VS playing mode with a human player or the computer. There are of course three playing characters each with their own story that leads to a different ending sequence, this all wrapped up in a truly manga style with cute animation's. There are lots of graphic special effects such as transparencies, animated backgrounds, multiple scrolling playfields during the game, gigantic objects, tons of colours on screen, all running at 50 fps. Bubble Heroes also includes it own CDDA soundtracks.

The demo of Virtual Ball Fighters requires at least a 030 processor, 4MB Fast Ram, is CD-Rom only, AHI 4.x and works best with a GFX Board. The demo of Bubble Heroes requires an Aga or RTG Amiga, a 020 processor, and 4MB Fast Ram. Very important: always answer 'YES' to requests for files overwriting during the decompression process of Bubble Heroes.


Download Virtual Ball Fighters (AGA Version) - (2.5MB)


Download Virtual Ball Fighters (RTG Version) - (3.5MB)


Download Bubble Heroes Part 1 - (2901Kb)


Download Bubble Heroes Part 2 - (1320Kb)


Download Bubble Heroes Part 3 - (387k)

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