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Amiga Flame Interview with Gary Peake, Director of Amiga's Support Program

It is vital that software developers become involved in Amiga's Support Program and so it seemed only logical to contact the man in charge, Gary Peake and find more about this Support Program.

1. What kind of support can Amiga developers expect from the Developer Support Programme?

There will soon be 4 levels of support available to developers for the new Ami plus we still offer support for the Classic Amiga through our partners, Haage-Partner in Germany.

Scout support is free support for shareware, freeware, hobby developers who don't have time to establish an in depth development schedule or who just want to do things because they can and then offer what they program as open source to users. This has already taken off and some very nice examples of programming to the new platform can be seen at

I should also mention that most of the support will be internet based and NOT US centric per design. WE feel it is also important that we have support staff available who speak various languages. We currently have English, Swedish, Italian, and German languages available and will be adding Spanish and French soon.

There will be three higher levels of support which will be paid support levels (plus the D'Amiga support). Trailblazers is the first level and includes D'Amiga buyers, Pathfinders is the second, and Premier Partners is the third level of support.

We will have more information on the support structure and what each level gets in the way of support online soon at

2. Some development teams might be put off thinking this for the big hitters, is that so, or are all development teams big and small welcomed?

Bill, Fleecy, and I want to make sure developers across the board have a place in our developmental structure. This was why we first opened the Open Source/Scout support and have not yet opened any of the paid levels of support.

We feel it is vital in the initial going that all developers work together in one support structure so that any problems they have can be quickly overcome and everyone can get a clear understanding of this very new and exciting platform we are building. Later in the year the other fee based support areas will open up.

I should also mention that User and User Group support will be available by the end of the year from (for users) and (for user groups).

Developers wishing to receive more information or who have questions or comments should email and users or user groups wishing more information or to offer suggestions and comments should email

Gary Peake

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