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The Future of the Amiga

This weekend Amiga Flame has focused on the future of the Amiga, for preparations are being made, which will see the potential of the Amiga being realised. Amiga Inc for its part is working on the Amiga Digital Environment and AmigaOne, both revolutionary products that reflect truly how the Amiga was seen when first came to the public eye. Developers those we know and those we don't know are working hard producing the products that will highlight the capabilities of the Amiga and once again bringing enjoyment to a new generation of users. Users relentless watch on kept in the dark to some extent but as usual having faith that this time around it will be no dream that the Amiga is to make its comeback.

Why should this time be different from any other? Jim Collas former Amiga President offered more than any other President, a real hope that the Amiga's potential through the help of Gateway would be fulfilled. They failed to recognise Amiga's potential. But there are differences Amiga is under the care of people like Bill McEwen, Fleecy Moss and Gary Peake who know the ins and outs of the Amiga being longstanding figures in the Amiga community. There is also the fact that new Amiga Inc has delivered, Jim Collas gave us many visionary words but in the end delivered very little. So far Amiga Inc has delivered the Software Development Kit with developers already working with this kit and more importantly learning. The first piece of hardware has emerged the Development system let us not forget that it has been several years since a new piece of hardware has emerged. The numerous partnerships, relationships and alliances highlight that other companies see the potential of the Amiga.

This is no false start this is merely the beginning. Paul Lesurf, Managing Director of Blittersoft points to four factors as to why software companies are interested, notably I find the last factor significant, “First of all, it is after all the new Amiga. Blittersoft have always supported the Amiga so it was going to be in our plans anyway. But the real possibility of a larger buying audience and more powerful hardware to utilise cannot be ignored. Another major point for me was the active interest shown by Amiga Inc., through Randy Hughes. He has made a conscious effort to keep in touch with developments and offer assistance. That is great to have and raises confidence”.

Amiga software companies have clearly detected a positive attitude from Amiga Inc that they wish to embrace software companies no matter their size or importance. This can be visibility seen by Amiga Inc setting up the Developer Support Program. I talked to Gary Peake the Director of this program about why they felt it is was important to engage developers; “it is vital in the initial going that all developers work together in one support structure so that any problems they have can be quickly overcome and everyone can get a clear understanding of this very new and exciting platform we are building”. This clearly highlights just how serious they view the Amiga as a future platform, wishing to ensure its success will require the support of developers.

Paul Lesuf pointed out clear reasons as to why Blittersoft supports Amiga Inc's efforts – it's the new Amiga, larger buying audience, more powerful hardware and lastly the active interest of Amiga Inc. For people like Fleecy Moss, Vice-President of Amiga Inc there are even greater reasons for joining the growing army of Amiga developers. They clearly intend to push computing to new boundaries producing as Fleecy Moss has said a Amiga Digital Environment that offers write once, run anywhere capabilities. Fleecy Moss has told Amiga Flame that, “No one has made effective use of Virtual Reality - this is something we are looking at strongly. No one has made effective use of parallel processing – we intend to make it a central piece of our digital environment”. Amiga Inc don't intend to take baby steps forward they wish to change the face of computing, this is the Amiga that we once knew, finally those days can return.

In the coming months we the users will learn more and more about the future of the Amiga, so far they have gave us just a peek into what is to come. AmigaOne which is of particular interest to us will be ready in 2001 but we don't know what capabilities and what revolutionary design they will produce, but we know that this Amiga Inc under the guidance of people like Bill McEwen will deliver. Push the Amiga forward Bill.

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