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War Demos – Earth 2140 and Exodus

Strategy fans are in for a treat with the release of two demos, one is Earth 2140 created by Topware Interactive, which is being converted to the Amiga by Pagan Games. The second demo is Exodus, which is being developed by a Polish team called Zloty Skarabeusz, working on this title for over a year.

Earth 2140
Earth 2140 has already been a hit with gamers on the pc, so there is a high expectation that it should repeat that performance on the Amiga. The full version will offer over 50 missions with more than 70 buildings and units to choose from. You will be able to play in 640x480 or 800x600 in 65.000 colours and also have stereo soundtrack music. Earth 2140 should also feature multiplayer support according to Pagan Games. Earth 2140 will be released for the classic Amiga and AmigaOne.

Exodus – The Last War is nearly completed with this demo designed to give gamers a taste of what to expect from the full version of this real-time strategy game. The screenshots clearly highlight the graphic detail with the landscapes very well created. The full game is being published by Sland Media, with it catering for Polish, German, French and English language gamers. One gamer on ANN said, “Heck! This looks like a Napalm beater if they can pull it through!”

Readers should be aware that download times will be long as the demo of Earth 2140 is 13MB in size while Exodus – The Last War is 14MB in size.

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