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Gamers will be aware from last week's news that Amiga Inc has revealed just some of the games that are on their way to AmigaOne. The list is extensive so it is impossible to have an article on each of games, instead Amiga Flame will just wet your appetite by revealing just few titles each week. From what has been learned so far about the games for AmigaOne, one fact stands out, that gamers can expect a diverse range of games for AmigaOne.

One game not listed for AmigaOne but will be soon is Europa Universalis, developed by Paradox Entertainment. Europa Universalis is a real-time strategy game recreating world history from the Age of Discovery (1492) to the advent of the Napoleonic era (1792). It is a different kind of real-time strategy game for it combines both multiplayer game play and historical accuracy. The developers announced that Hyperion Software will carrying out the conversion.

In Europa Universalis, each player takes on the role of a European superpower namely France, England, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Habsburg, Prussia, Russia, Venice, Turkey or Sweden. Once the choice has been made you will control the country's diplomacy, economy, warfare, colonization and exploration, all based on actual historical conditions. In fact the developers spent ten years researching just to ensure that game was historically realistic, providing for example accurate depictions of uniforms, flags, and heraldic coats of arms for over 60 nations.

The aim of the game is to compete for wealth and glory with over 700 provinces to conquer and colonize. You can build and command fleets and armies, explore the world using explorers and conquistadors, discover new lands and natural resources for exploitation and trade, and form alliances to enable or avoid warfare, troop movement and financial support. There is also a multiplayer option allowing eight players to compete with each other over the Internet.

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