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Echelon: The Storm

Echelon: The Storm is futuristic flight combat game developed by Madia in association with Buka Entertainment. It is unknown whether Echelon: The Storm is to reach AmigaOne via a company like Hyperion Software or whether the developers will produce it for AmigaOne themselves.

According to the PR material, “This first-person action game puts the player in tension filled white-knuckle combat over lush alien landscapes and towering cities as a member of an elite fighting force”. It is up to you as a member of the team to progress through the missions in order to fly other aircraft and command other units. There is therefore a strategy element in that you may at some stage each a rank that will allow you to have an input as to the tactics the men should adopt and what equipped is required to achieve success in a mission.

The crafts available range from planes, helicopters, to futuristic hovercraft. There are over 25 types of friendly and enemy craft, 100 vehicles, and over 100 additional objects. The graphics as can be seen from the screenshots are superb with it stated that, “Echelon uses a proprietary 3D graphics engine that allows for spectacular effects, such as dust and particle effects, highly realistic environments, beautiful landscapes, detailed building models and more”. There are two war campaigns in the game, each of which features up to 30 non-linear missions, under various weather-conditions and at different time of day/ night. The player's actions will affect not only his own career, but the course of the whole war. Not only can Echelon: The Storm be played in single player but there are several multiplayer options such as Death-match and co-operation mode.

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