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Consolidation of Crystal Interactive Software to Clearwater Interactive

Crystal Interactive Software is to be consolidated into Clearwater Interactive although they will still be trading under the name of Crystal Interactive Software for the Amiga for a while yet with the possibly of changing to Crystal Clear Interactive.

Project Development Director, Andrew Reed believes, “Joining with Clearwater Interactive will boost the companies profile and game catalogue and also open up many more doors for new titles on all platforms to be created. This is not goodbye but the beginning of something special as the future for us is a lot Clearer”.

It has been stressed that they will not be leaving the Amiga market but in fact putting themselves in a stronger position. Crystal Interactive Software is in fact affiliated with some leading publishers including Sunsoft, Take2, Infogames, Sci and Hotgen for other platforms (not for the Amiga yet). However Andrew Reed revealed, “We have up to three new Amiga developments already planned and are working closely with Amiga Inc”.

In related news, Amiga Active has reported that Crystal Interactive Software are looking for a development team/ staff to work on the conversion of Gilbert Goodmate, an adventure game to the Amiga.

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