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Nightlong Released

ClickBOOM has released awarding winning adventure game Nightlong. Games Domain said, “Anyone who likes a Blade Runner type environment, and who loves point and click adventures, should get Nightlong”.

Nightlong was published by Team 17 last year, and has quite an extensive background story which I won't go into detail. It is the year 2099, United States of the New Order has led technological advances allowing cheap and efficient energy production, making Government redundant and now countries are run by faceless bureaucrats. There has been a peace but in the capital, Union City all is not well.

Nightlong features over 80 detailed locations to explore, stunning 16-bit cyberpunk graphics and full screen movie sequences. There are many engrossing puzzles and it boasts speech recorded by professional actors.

The minimum spec required for Nightlong is an Amiga with a 030 processor, 16MB Ram, GFX card and is CD-Rom only. Although it should be noted that the recommended spec indicates that the game will play better on a 040 processor. I recommend Nightlong to Amiga PowerPC gamers.

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