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Simon The Sorcerer II and The Feeble Files

Simon The Sorcerer II is a puzzle adventure game by Adventure Soft with Epic Interactive expected to bring this title to the classic Amiga and AmigaOne.

There are over 80 locations with about 100 characters to interact with, meeting many weird and crazy characters such as the swampling. It is played with an easy point & click interface and features hand-drawn locations and characters with more than 50,000 frames of animation. There is CD quality music and hundreds of SoundFX.

From the creators of the Simon The Sorcerer series comes The Feeble Files, another adventure game two years in the making, which will take you on a plot of epic proportions taking this adventure into a different galaxy. It is unknown, which company will port this game to AmigaOne.

The Feeble Files features Robert Llewellyn (from Red Dwarf) playing the part of Feeble. According to the creators, “Witty and humourous but with dark undertones, The Feeble Files contains acts of betrayal, intrigue, revolution and even a bit of cross dressing”. There are about 80 locations, six thousand voice lines to interact with and plenty more features.

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