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Sudden Strike

Sudden Strike is without a doubt one of the best-looking World War 2 strategy games I have seen. This title by Fireglow is to be released for the pc soon along with an appearance on AmigaOne.

Sudden Strike is set in World War II and offers carefully planned Russian, German, French, American and British missions. The developers have said that, “The fantastic depth of the game, the infinite tactical possibilities and the excellent game-play outshine anything ever seen to date”. They could be right.

The game features great maps with up to a 1000 units in each scenario. Units make it from one mission to the next gaining much needed battle experience. There are numerous buildings, fortifications, bridges, with it possible for pontoon bridges and other fortifications to be erected but it should be remembered that all structures are destructible. To add to the realism there are “real” explosion sound samples used along with realistic gun simulations. Scenarios can be played out in different types of terrain and during winter and summer seasons. In multi-player mode there can be up to 12 players and 4 teams.

Units are composed of all types such Sniper/ explosive experts, Submachine gunners with grenades, Squeeze-gunners, Panzerfaust gunners, Officers, Tank destroyers, assault guns and armoured cars, Tiger, Panther, SturmTiger, Elephant, T34, T34-85, T-26, KV-1, SU 85, T-70, BA-64, Long-rage howitzers, Katyusha rocket launchers, Trucks for transporting infantry and towing artillery, Aircraft for landing troops, bombing and reconnaissance, Anti-tank mines, Anti-aircraft artillery. There are more units I believe, if this lot isn't enough.

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