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Happy Birthday Amiga Flame

Four years ago Amiga Flame was born, its intended aims clear, to highlight that the gloom and doom merchants were wrong that an Amiga games market did exist and to aid these new development teams of all nationalities to promote their titles to gamers and to ensure that their games reached the games playing public through the help of publishers. Amiga Flame without a doubt has made its contribution to the Amiga games market, fulfilling these aims by tapping into the new Amiga games market that some journalists at the time failed to penetrate and indeed by helping developers and publishers meet.

I know there are some people who believe that no Amiga Community, it is a myth it does not exist or could so, how could a group of users create such a community? But I tell you that the Amiga Community does exist, I have seen how users have motivated and propelled themselves into action to help save the Amiga from extinction. We have rallied into a community on many different levels, the users who in their city or country have formed small user-groups, the developers the individuals who have from all different backgrounds and countries put their efforts into making games to push the Amiga another step forward and for you the users, so you might enjoy another moment with your Amiga. On a business level companies have been formed to help deliver Amiga products to you the users, knowing in most circumstances that profits will be small, but they believe in the Amiga.

Today, four years on we stand together at a pivotal moment in the history of the Amiga. On the horizon is a fresh start for the Amiga when finally a new opportunity will be opened to people, developers and businesses to join us for we will be presented with new revolutionary Amiga products the Amiga Digital Environment and AmigaOne.

I sincerely hope that fifty years from now or beyond that the next generation users will look back and understand in this period of crisis and of instability that we experienced for the last four years, there was also the creation of a community, the Amiga Community. That community kept the Amiga alive. Let's hope that in some way this community spirit will live on, it would be a disappointment that at the moment the new Amiga was delivered, the community would give out its last grasps swallowed up by the new wave of users.

With this date marking the birth of Amiga Flame, lets celebrate what we have gained and look forward still to tomorrow.

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