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Bill McEwen's Latest Executive Update

In the past week Amiga Inc has made a number of announcements about their second Software Development Kit and about AmigaOne.

Amiga President Bill McEwen in the latest Executive Update announced that the second Software Development Kit would be out in the next couple of weeks. There are currently two versions out one for Linux and the other for Windows with the second version expected to “feature a new raft of multimedia (Mesa, the SSEYO Koan Audio Engine, streaming) as well better development tools, a richer AVE and enhanced performance” according to Bill McEwen.

Bill McEwen also said that plans for AmigaOne are going ahead with input from users and others in fact leading to negotiations for a new design. An announcement about AmigaOne is expected in mid October with stating, “It is my firm belief that you will all be very pleased and excited”.

In his latest Executive Update, Bill McEwen also hit out at cynics who believe Amiga Inc are doing nothing, “Well you are very wrong. We are meeting directly with the heads of some of the largest computer and consumer electronics companies in the world, and not only do they see the value in what we are offering but they see the Amiga community, you, as the real value”.

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