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AmiHoo Magazine, Nightlong and Amiga Future

AmiHoo is run by Michael Carrillo who formerly ran Amiga Yellow Pages, which unfortunately had to close to legal complications. But Michael Carrillo has put his efforts to good use by setting up AmiHoo, a site, which attempts successfully to replace the gap left by the closure of Amiga Web Directory.

Michael Carrillo has also set up AmiHoo Magazine with Issue 2 out, featuring a review of Bubble Heroes, a SEALORAMA Show Report and an interesting feature about Tight Fisted Misers in Amiga land. Use the link at the bottom of the article to read these articles.

Amiga Future has interviewed Andre´ Siegel of BlueBlack Solution, the team behind the development of Operation Counterstrike and they have interviewed the developers of Fubar. These highly significant interviews are essential reading for any Amiga strategy fan.

A web site has been set up dedicated to supporting the Amiga Software Development Kit. The site is unofficial but already has proved popular among SDK users. In related news, Amiga Inc will be releasing the Windows hosted version of the SDK in the next month or so.

Nightlong is said to be on its way to the Amiga, with ClickBOOM expected to announce its release later in the week. Trecison the developers of Nightlong, the highly decorated action adventure game have gave the Amiga version of Nightlong their approval. The PPC version of Nightlong is expected to be released at the same time, with Nightlong a real treat for Amiga PPC gamers.

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