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Plenty of new games have been added including conversions such as Midnight Racing but also original titles. Want to know about serious software then Click Here
Title Description Publisher Date of Release
Dafel: Bloodline An RPG mixing the old Zelda type game to modern Beat-em-ups Pagan Software
On Hold
Freespace: The Great War A re-mastered version of this space-combat simulator is planned Interplay/ Hyperion Entertainment
Gorky 17 RPG Metropolis Software/ Hyperion Entertainment
Great Nations Strategy GN
Majesty A strategy that has won the heart of many game reviewers on the pc Cyberlore Studios/ Titan Computer
Midnight Racing Compete in races through night-time traffic IncaGold/ Hyperion Entertainment
Scavengers An action based but still strategic game in complete 3D which will combine the best of Wing Commander and Command&Conquer into a new game. Pagan Software
Shogo A re-mastered version of this 3D shooter is planned Monolith/ Hyperion Entertainment
SIN 3D action game Activision/ Hyperion Entertainment
Worms: Armageddon The original Worms was an instant hit, Worms: Armageddon continues the series offering even more fun and action. Team 17/ Hyperion Entertainment

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