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Title Description Type Publisher Date of Release
Aseq A new midi and audio sequencer AmigaOne
AmiAtlas Multimedia travel planner AmigaOne
Audio Evolution 4 An audio hard-disk recording system AmigaOne Sultan Systems & Software/ Computer-City
Candy Factory 2 For creating professional looking graphics AmigaOne Zeoneo
Digital Almanac III Astronomy program AmigaOne
Digibooster Professional Tracker program AmigaOne APC&TCP
HD-Rec A powerful MIDI/audio sequencer AmigaOne
Hollywood Multimedia authoring system AmigaOne Airsoft Software
IBrowse Internet browser AmigaOne
IMAP Force First e-mail client for Amiga that will support the IMAP4 protocol for online access to mail AmigaDE Ruksun
Directory Opus File manager AmigaOne (might be included with AmigaOS 4.2) Hyperion Entertainment
MediaPoint Presentation software AmigaOne Computer-City
Messenger Force Instant Messaging client AmigaDE Ruksun
Mozilla Internet application AmigaOne AmiZilla
OctaMED Sound Studio 2 Music composition/sequencing program AmigaOne
OpenOffice Office suite AmigaOne
PageStream A full-featured desktop publishing program AmigaOne Grasshopper LLC
Personal Paint 7.1 2D graphics and animations application AmigaOne Cloanto/ Amiga Inc
Protracker II Old skool sound tracking AmigaOne
Realsoft 3D Version 4 Highly advanced 3D modelling and rendering package AmigaOne Realsoft/ Hyperion Entertainment
SBase AmigaOne Mr Hardware Computers
Scribble Messaging application, which sends instant messages over every major network, in your own handwriting AmigaDE
Travel Dictionary Your perfect travel companion, with multiple language support AmigaDE Bedroom Coders
Yet Another Mailer E-mail software AmigaOne YAM

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