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Zombies Coming to AmigaOS 4

Proost Software has announced that Zombies, a new 3D action game will appear on the PC and the Amiga platform. Although few details are known about the development team, the breathtaking screenshots and the video on YouTube is a positive sign.

Zombies: Doomsday will have 13 levels for single players and at least seven maps for online gaming. Although the video on YouTube was recorded in at a very low speed it is evident that the game features dynamic lighting, high textures, and some clever effects to create an atmospheric environment in which to engage the zombies. According to the developers, there will be seven great weapons (I would like a flame thrower) and smart AI to make the Zombies a challenge.

This exciting development has not gone unnoticed with forums posts on full of praise for Zombies. Kjetil Hvalstrand from Norway said, “Impressive for an Amiga game”, while others wished Proost Software all the best in their latest project. If the details on the website are accurate then it would seem that gamers won't have to wait long as Zombies: Doomsday will appear in the third quarter of 2007.

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