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Zeoneo have announced that their Amiga DE content will be shipping on Microsoft products for both PocketPC and Smartphone devices. A demo of Crossword Evolution is now available on the Microsoft PocketPak for PocketPC, a special holiday promotion for PocketPC users.

Matthew Kille, Managing Director of Zeoneo stated, “PocketPC and Smartphone give consumers a new level of performance and features in the mobile market. By harnessing that performance, we gain great improvements in the quality of the gaming applications. With products like our award winning Planet Zed, Convex, Crossword Evolution, and our soon to be revealed Invasion, we believe serious gamers will soon come to see PocketPC and Smartphone devices as the ultimate mobile gaming platforms”.

Through this deal with Microsoft it is expected that full versions of all Zeoneo products will be available to buy from popular high street retail outlets all around the world. The Microsoft PocketPak is now available at CompUSA and other retail outlets across North America.

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