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ZeroVertex Need Help with Drake

In 1998 a development team known as ZeroVertex, inspired by Sid Meier's Pirates! began work on Drake, which was a serious attempt to create a 3D game of buccaneers and merchants. Although a great deal of progress has been achieved in the last five years much work is still be done, with ZeroVertex in urgent need of 3D modellers/ animators to help with the project.

Drake is expected to be close to the original gameplay of Pirates although according to Oliver Gantert it will have a 3D engine “that allows you to freely zoom and rotate your view, 3D models of ships and characters, and 3D towns with NPCs (non-player characters) walking around to talk to or fight with”. Gamers will have lots of different goods to trade, quests and secrets to uncover, although its up to you to decide whether to follow the main storyline or simply become involved in peaceful trading or bounty hunting like real pirates.

The status of the development of Drake has been fluid as the engine has been rewritten on several occasions to ensure that the best possible engine was created for the game. Project designer and programmer Oliver Gantert has pointed out that the engine is 98% finished with the past few months some of the most productive. They replaced the ancient keyframe animation system (Quake2-like) with smooth skeletal animation, implemented the user interface (buttons and menus), optimized the terrain rendering and much more.

However, the developers have one major hurdle to overcome, as the project needs graphics people to come forward and help out with Drake. Even though the engine is virtually complete, game material in terms of models and textures are missing. Oliver Gantert told Amiga Flame, “I did everything to get the game finished for Xmas, but I fear that's just a dream. It still needs more ships and characters, so without some 3D and texture artists it won't see the light of day before mid 2004”.

ZeroVertex need 3D modellers/animators using 3dsmax, Milkshape3D or some other package that supports bone animation, for characters (walking, fencing,...); 3D modellers using any package to create static models like houses, plants and other environments; and texture artists to re-texture (create new skins) for existing models.

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