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Changes and Additions at Alive Mediasoft

Alive Mediasoft are following in the footsteps of Amiga Incorporated by relocating their premises although I doubt they'll be getting the same kind of view, but it does mean that they can now keep more software and hardware in stock for faster customer delivery.

They have also signed on another game, called Ultimate XTreme Racing, which is a revamped version of XTreme Racing, which proved popular, so much so that a number of fan sites opened up dedicated to the game. This time around Alive Mediasoft offer over 100 new tracks, new opponents and other features.

Ultimate XTreme Racing will require an Aga Amiga, 030 processor, Hard Drive and will be CD-Rom only. It should be available by April, priced at 14.99 UK pounds.

To contact Alive Mediasoft about any of their games, e-mail Steven Flowers of Alive Mediasoft at:-


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