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AmiWest and Pianeta Amiga – A Resounding Success

Congratulations must go to the organisers of Pianeta Amiga and AmiWest, which took place over the past two months.

Visitors to Pianeta Amiga were in for a treat when they learned that ACube Systems were offering the SamEP440, a future PowerPC board for AmigaOS 4. On the lighter side, a developer revealed a number of games which have been ported with the assistance of the Allegro Library. According to OS4 Games, “Even if the game library was a beta it was fully working under Amiga OS 4.0 and it seemed lighter than the SDL”.

AmiWest also had a few surprises for visitors as Hyperion Entertainment used the event to announce that AmigaOS 4 is to be released for classic Amiga's which have PowerPC accelerators. Bill Panagouleas from DiscreetFX also used the occasion to reveal that he had purchased the source code to Aladdin4D, which will be prepared for the new Amiga platform.

This year's events have proven to be a success, drawing visitors and indeed the attention of the whole Amiga community. Hopefully, more Amiga users (including myself) will take the opportunity to participate in these wonderful occasions.

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