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Update: Word Me Up XXL

The developers of Word Me Up XXL, a puzzle game for Amiga OS 4 have fully localized it in Hungarian. Word Me Up XXL is now available in ten languages: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Polish and Hungarian.

Word Me Up XXL introduces a set of cartoon characters, graphics and amusing sound effects into a world of word-based memory challenges. In the game, you play a student who has been selected to save humanity by retrieving vital texts which were stolen by a bad sorcerer named Badjoke. Every level is a race against the clock to collect the letters of the word that open code-locked doors. Along the way are a series of endless mazes infested with numerous sorcerer henchmen.

This arcade game which is suitable for all the family can be purchased from your local Amiga dealer. A free four-level demo of Word Me Up XXL is available from their website or the OS4 Depot.

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