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Word Me Up Released for Amiga Anywhere

Jérôme Senay, founder of the Boing Attitude team has released Word Me Up, an addictive puzzle game for Amiga Anywhere. According to Jérôme Senay, he has created “a funny, skill-challenging application that brings rich graphics and high quality performance across a variety of portable devices”.

Word Me Up introduces a set of cartoon characters, graphics and amusing sound effects into a world of word-based memory challenges. Players can choose from 5 characters, who must complete the task of retrieving texts stolen by a bad sorcerer named Badjoke. Every level is a race against the clock to collect the letters of the word that opens code-locked doors. Along the way are a series of endless mazes infested with numerous sorcerer henchmen.

PocketPC and Smartphone users using WinCE Mobile-based devices can download Word Me Up from the shop on the Amiga Inc website. Jérôme Senay also confirmed that the AmigaOne version is progressing well and will be ready later in the year.

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