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World of Amiga SE Show Nears

The World of Amiga SE show will this year take place on Saturday the 3rd of November at Poplars Hall in Hutton, Brentwood. This will probably be the biggest UK show this year attracting both users and companies from afar.

Hardware and software companies have taken the opportunity to have their own stands at the show. Kicksoft, Cloanto, Eyetech, Elbox, Mediator Support and other companies will represent the serious end while companies such as Pagan Games, Stella Dreams, Forematt Home computing, Weird Science, and Virtual Programming will mainly represent the entertainment end. Gamers will certainly be interested in the show's gaming arena, which is being sponsored by Hyperion Entertainment.

Amiga magazines, Amiga Active (sponsor of the WoA show) and 100% Amiga will be in attendance, selling their latest issues. User groups from throughout the UK will have a strong presence with SEAL, ANT, Kickstart, Gloucestershire UG, Haug/Blackpool and the Amiga Support Association all expected to be there.

The Amiga Inc stand from what I understand should draw the crowds with newest PDA game releases likely to displayed, and perhaps a few Amiga One titles. Fleecy Moss, the Chief Technology Officer will be in attendance and may reveal more about the latest developments. This is a show well worth attending.

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