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World of Amiga Show Reports

The German World of Amiga Show has been described as a well-attended in show in which companies raised a considerable amount of money selling the latest software and hardware. It seems that this December Amiga show brought out the Christmas buyers with OS 3.9 selling in considerable numbers.

The just released OS 3.9 will have to sell in considerable numbers if users wish to see OS 4.0 as Amiga Inc are looking for at least 50,000 copies to be sold. Fleecy Moss explained, “we have to ensure that it makes business sense for us, for the commercial developers and for the users”. It will be a difficult target to reach with Amiga user Chris Korhonen commenting, "If 3.9 sells 50,000 I will eat my Amiga".On a more upbeat note Fleecy Moss revealed that 1.5 million copies of the Amiga Digital Environment have been ordered so far.

A number of WOA reports have surfaced so I do recommend that readers follow them up.

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