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World of Amiga 2000

The World of Amiga 2000 show will be held in Cologne, Germany during the 9th and 10th of December. This year's show is expected to be the biggest Amiga show of 2000 with users expected from all over Europe along with the staff of Amiga Inc from the US.

Although announced at short notice the show does seem to be well organized with numerous companies expected to set up booths. These include Amiga Active, Amiga Club, Amiga Future (German Amiga games magazine), Alien Design, Cool Bits, DreiEinHalb Computer, ELBOX Computer, Falke-Verlag, Haage & Partner (makers of OS 3.9), Individual Computers, KDH Datentechnik, Schatztruhe, and Verkosoft. Games companies expected to have their own booths include APC/TCP, Epic Interactive, Eternity, and Hyperion Entertainment. In fact Hyperion Entertainment will be making some exciting announcement at the show and will demonstrate games such as Shogo: MAD and Freespace: The Great War.

For those of us who unfortunately can't attend there will be a number of IRC conferences held during the show with leading figures within the Amiga Community such as Mick Tinker (BoXer), Ralph Schmidt (MorphOS), Alan M. Redhouse (Eyetech), Bill McEwen (Amiga Inc.), and Juergen Haage (Haage & Partner). The IRC Conferences will be held on the 9th and will give users an opportunity to find out about the latest developments.

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