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Word Me Up XXL for AmigaOS 4

Boing Attitude has announced that Word Me Up which was originally released as an Amiga Anywhere title, will soon be available for AmigaOS 4.

Word Me Up XXL introduces a set of cartoon characters, graphics and amusing sound effects into a world of word-based memory challenges. In the game, you play a student who has been selected to save humanity by retrieving vital texts which were stolen by a bad sorcerer named Badjoke. Every level is a race against the clock to collect the letters of the word that open code-locked doors. Along the way are a series of endless mazes infested with numerous sorcerer henchmen.

To help put the finishing touches to Word Me Up XXL, the developers would like people familiar with the Swedish or Spanish language to contact them so the translations can be prepared. In addition, they are also looking for music (mods, mp3, AIFF, etc) for the game.

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