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AmiWest Show

The annual AmiWest show is an action-packed event which draws Amiga users from across the US and beyond. This year's event has grown in size attracting exhibitors such as Hyperion Entertainment and Bit By Bit Software, along with guest speakers like Richard Drummond and Jens Schoenfeld.

This year's event will place at the Clarion Hotel Cal-Expo in Sacramento on the 21st of October. Exhibitors include hardware companies – Troika and Individual Computers, user groups – AMUC and Sacramento Amiga Computer Club, software vendors – Pagestream, Software Hut, and Amiga Kit. Richard Drummond who is representing Hyperion might demonstrate Gorky 17, which offers elements of strategy and RPG gameplay.

It is also expected that Amiga Inc will announce their second hardware partner who will provide a high-end desktop product. At Pianeta Amiga, Bill McEwen stated, “We have been working with this group for a little bit longer than we have with the Samantha team, we our aware of its capabilities, and we our looking forward to sharing that with you all as well”. A prototype and more information about the product will be made available at the event.

This year's event will take place in a positive atmosphere for the Amiga Community – AmigaOS 4 is near to completion, new hardware has been revealed, and Amiga Inc appears to be going through a period of renewal. AmiWest is bound to be an exciting event for users and developers.

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