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Weekend Shows

The traditional German Amiga show will be held this weekend at the Mediapark in Cologne, while in Canada the Ottawa Amiga Show will be taking place.

The Cologne Amiga show is expected to be the biggest Amiga show this year, drawing users and companies from across Europe. One of the main highlights for Amiga gamers will be the presentation of the final version of Descent: Freespace, although not being released until after the show, demos will be distributed. Epic Interactive have also revealed that the Earth 2140 Mission Pack will be available to buy at the show. The mission pack extends Amiga version with 80 new single player missions and the multi-player mode (LAN). The Dreamworlds team will put their machines up at the booth of ATC&TCP and present the current status of Crossfire II.

On the serious side, MediaPoint, the video titling and presentation package for Amiga computers, will be on sale for the first time following its re-release in its current MP2000 form. German-based distributor, Schatztruhe / GTI will sell MediaPoint at their booth. Cloanto will have their latest release Amiga Forever 5 at their stand, this is a new Amiga-emulator especially for Windows, but also usable under MacOS and Linux.

The Ottawa Amiga Show will be a small gathering but well worth attending as the organisers have drawn numerous Amiga companies. The booth will be running a number of game competitions throughout the day, while retailers Downtown Amiga and Cinereal Pro Video will be selling an array of software. Cinereal Pro Video in particular will have a live demo of the NewTek Toaster/Flyer and the Matrox RT2500. This according to the organisers is a rare opportunity to see these powerful video systems in action.

Amiga Inc will be there to talk about the Amiga, and to demonstrate the new Sharp Zaurus PDA, as well as other Amiga-related gadgets. Technomages one of the shows sponsors will have on show their latest Amiga DE releases - Tikino, Memory and Art Avenue Puzzles 1 and 2.

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