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Virtual Programming Ltd Explained

Virtual Programming, a relatively new company on the Amiga scene has bought out Blittersoft, a long established company, which provided users with Amiga hardware and software.

Virtual Programming is a UK company based in Bournemouth with a great deal of mystery surrounding their arrival to the Amiga scene. They first rose to prominence a few months ago when they advertised in Amiga Active seeking talented individuals to work on entertainment and application software for the Amiga DE. Since then they have been linked with Clearwater Interactive when it was revealed that both companies were working together on a number of Elate games. This latest development, the takeover of Blittersoft has revealed perhaps some startling details about the company as it has been suggested that Mark Hinton, Publisher of Amiga Active is a Director in Virtual Programming.

Virtual Programming have emphasized that they intend to support both the Classic Amiga and the new Amiga markets, although they are also working on intent and Macintosh products. One of the most significant developments to emerge since the takeover is that Virtual Programming's partners include the Tao Group, Amiga Inc's senior partner and the MathEngine Group. The latter partnership is the most interesting for in Issues 19 and 24 of Amiga Active it was revealed that the MathEngine Group are working on advanced development tools. One of their development toolkits is known as the Zenon API, which helps developers working on PDA and other handheld devices. It would seem that Virtual Programming Ltd are set to use their Zenon API, which indicates that Virtual Programming are working on PDA titles.

The takeover of Blittersoft should not be a cause for concern to customers, as Virtual Programming will support all existing Blittersoft customers. Further development of the former Blittersoft product range will continue. Customers will also be reassured by the news that Paul Lesurf former Managing Director of Blittersoft has become a Director in Virtual Programming.

In related news, Virtual Programming has been appointed as exclusive UK distributors for AmigaOS XL. This product allows users to run Amiga-68k applications on a pc using two emulator systems AMIthlon and AmigaXL. Applications are said to perform 10-20 times as fast as on a traditional 68060 system. Pre-orders are now being taken with AmigaOS XL expected to be ready by October. According to some of the information released by Virtual Programming, they will be offering suitable computer systems for this forthcoming product.

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