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Vodoo Wars: Cross Destinies

Melina Softworks in collaboration with developers Theory of the Dark Side Crew are working on an adventure strategy game inspired by great games such as Starcraft, Settlers and Age Of Empire. It is the developers hope that they can produce a great quality strategy game for Amiga gamers.

Vodoo Wars allows gamers to take control of one of the four races - the Humans, Orcs, Chibas, and Krakhen. It is your goal to then lead your race to success. You can make use of the 120 different units and 60 available buildings with each unit having more than a hundred frames of animation.

There are four game modes being worked on which are intended to provide a very different style of playing Vodoo Wars. These game modes include Campaign, Scenario, Duel and Team. Scenario is one of the most interesting as it allows gamers to play predefined missions which cover a huge panel of possibilities from pure destruction to hostage freeing, treasure discovery, treaty signing, and so on. The developers will also allow gamers the ability to create their own scenarios.

Vodoo Wars will feature high-resolution graphics along with 16 bit sounds and MP3 music. There will also be TCP/IP support for network games.

According to the developers Vodoo Wars will fully support AmigaOne although they are considering a Classic Amiga version. They are currently seeking more talented people to work on the project in particular a coder, 2D or 3D graphican and a musician.

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