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Bubble Heroes and Payback For The Amiga DE

Virtual Programming, which recently took over Blittersoft has revealed that Bubble Heroes and Payback will be coming to the Amiga DE.

Bubble Heroes, developed by Italian developers, Arcadia Developments is a puzzle/ adventure game in the same style as the popular Puzzle Bobble. One Amiga gamer, Gary Storm said, Bubble Heroes “is a game very similar to Bust A Move 2 on the Playstation and that “anyone who`s played that knows how addictive and fun it is, and "Bubble Heroes" is a fantastic Amiga rendition”.

Payback, a Grand Theft Auto style game has already proven to be one of the most successful and talked about Amiga games in years. The author James Daniels further improved Payback by adding PPC and Warp3D support. One gamer Mark Dale said, “I think this is one of the most awesome games ever released for PowerPC Amigas”.

Both games are sure to receive much attention when they are released for the Amiga DE. It is perhaps of interest to note that Payback is going to be ported for Macintosh and Intent gamers, while an Intent version of Bubble Heroes is currently being worked on.

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