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uniVERSUS Requires Assistance

uniVERSUS is a vertical shoot'em-up which aims at being highly innovative while sporting, at the same time, a great "oldskool" style. The team behind the project urgently require help as they need a pixeller and a level designer.

On Amiga World, Simone Bevilacqua explained some of the exciting aspects they intend to incorporate into uniVERSUS. There will be an important strategic element in which it's up to the player to build the spaceship that suits his need according to the scenario he faces. Gamers will have to take into account that the game simulates physics, so there are lots of factors involved: inertia, friction, spaceship weight, engine power and so on. Simone pointed out, “it is based on and enriched by complex techniques and mechanics, which, however, do not affect playability in a negative way as the gameplay is engineered to let the player always feel in command and truly enjoy the progress through carefully designed levels”.

So much of the code to uniVERSUS is at an advance stage which can be seen from the demo which is available from their website. This short demo was meant to test the code but it also demonstrates the potential of the game in terms of the engine. The project just needs an enthusiastic graphics person and a level designer to step forward so this dynamic game can be completed.

If you want to assit the development of uniVERSUS, then e-mail Simone Bevilacqua at:-


Visit their web site and download the demo at:-

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