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Update: Ultra Violent Worlds Hits Retail

Ultra Violent Worlds was the first game to be released by Crystal Interactive, Inc into the retail end in the UK using their dual format idea some months ago. Ultra Violent Worlds has now hit retail in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg by February.

Ultra Violent Worlds developed by Australian developers Vorlan Software is a straight out shoot'em up. Ultra Violent Worlds first surfaced in 1998, but their first release suffered from a number of bugs. However, Crystal Interactive, Inc has assured Amiga Flame that these bugs have been ironed out.

The story behind Ultra Violent Worlds is that in 2305, Earth had reached a new level of prosperity, but in the early hours of the 21st of February it all changed, Zarnaxians arrived bringing with them ultra violence. The Zarnaxians took Mars in a matter of hours, destroyed Earth's defence forces and cities and then hurled the moon towards Earth. Not much remains but it's in these settings that you return to take on the Zarnaxians to free Earth and Mars.

It features 3 layer parallax scrolling (vertical), background animation's in arcade quality graphics allowing for fast action, awesome explosions, and providing the atmosphere of ambient sound FX and fast pumping soundtracks. It's got funky retro shoot-em-up playability and can be played in two-player on screen simultaneously.

Ultra Violent Worlds is CD-Rom only, requiring Aga, and at least 4MB Ram.

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