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Widescreen Update for Tales of Tamar

The team behind Tales of Tamar have been busy working on a new update for their turn based, multiplayer strategy game. New features have been added and a number of problems have been corrected.

The most exciting new feature for the Amiga version of Tales of Tamar is widescreen support. If you are the lucky owner of an Amiga-Widescreen you are now able to build your screen mode by yourself and utilise it in the game. A new landscape has also been added known as Tuandria, the desert of Elerion, which should improve the feel of the game. Other important features include higher resolutions than 1024*768 are supported, hacking protection added, and they have implemented map scrolling by using the right mouse key.

The new update is available for Tales of Tamar fans from their website. It is also possible for gamers to play a trial version or alternatively watch a trailer for this popular multiplayer game.

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