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Update From Amiga Inc

In Bill McEwen's latest Executive Update he explained all the latest developments going on at Amiga Inc.

Bill McEwen thanked Amiga Club members for participating in the selection of a new T-Shirt design and indicated that they would be sent out soon. He also encouraged more people to become involved in the Amiga Club pointing out that for $50 US dollars members would receive $50 US dollars off an AmigaOne/ AmigaOS 4, a T-shirt, a newsletter, and other special discounts. The latest promotion involving club members is a drawing for an Amiga enabled cellphone in September.

The latest Executive Update confirmed the Sendo deal indicating that the Amiga Anywhere Content Engine and associated content would be ready for the release of the Sendo Smartphone. More announcements are expected before the end of the year as Bill McEwen outlined that they would be making at least two more Cellphone announcements and at least two more PDA announcements.

Bill McEwen also appealed for talented Amiga developers to contact Amiga Inc, stating “if you have been sitting on the sidelines I encourage you to jump in”. He emphasized that various partners had made requests about content for their devices and so there are plenty of opportunities.

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