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Update for APC&TCP

APC&TCP have made a number of announcements about two of their popular titles – Desert Racing and Exodus: The Last War.

According to Andreas Magerl of APC&TCP, a number of patches have been released for Desert Racing and the demo. These patches should correct a number of problems that gamers were experiencing with the demo and might encourage gamers to pick up this arcade racing title. The patches for the full version can be only obtained via e-mail.

It has also been announced that Exodus: The Last War now runs perfectly under AmigaOS 4. Strategy fans have welcomed this development in the forums. An anonymous user on stated, “Exodus the game is pretty addictive, the enemy AI is certainly very clever. Nothing beats a tough challenge in a RTS for frittering away the winter hours...”

If you experience any problems or wish to send your support, then e-mail Andreas Magerl of APC&TCP at:-


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