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Amiga Flame Returns

I have been away for the last 16 days so you might have noticed a drop in the level of news, or the fact that Amiga Flame has not posted some of the latest news. The reason is that I went on a holiday; perhaps the right word is an adventure, to Russia.

On the way to Russia I stopped in Berlin, a beautiful city going through some serious rebuilding but presenting some fantastic scenes of old and modern buildings side by side with one another. The reason I mention about my visit to Germany is due to the fact that I never knew that there existed such a strong Amiga user base, with magazines such Amiga OS, Amiga Plus and Amiga Future. Amiga Future was a dream, an Amiga games magazine filled with games some of which I never knew existed. The articles were in German but the pictures were enough to wet my appetite. I hope German readers will contact me and perhaps help me find out more about these Amiga games.

Russia was simply astonishing; visiting Moscow in particular was an incredible experience that I will never forget. There was so much history - Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Tomb and the Kremlin. I visited three cities altogether, Moscow, Novogrod and St. Petersburg. It seems apparent that Russia is going through immense changes, which I think is a positive sign of a new Russia emerging but unlike so many other cities they are doing their best to preserve the past. I hope they will encourage more tourists to visit, it is difficult to get into Russia, but it is worth the hassle and for me it was an unforgettable experience.

I returned on Sunday night (30th) to find that the Amiga market is going through some of its own changes with it set to change radically over the next few months. I knew that Bill McEwen, CEO of Amiga Inc would drive the Amiga market forward and it does seem as if the Amiga is set to return refreshed and ready to change computing. Latest reports from the AmiWest show, has suggested that the Amiga One could be out in December and that major software companies have expressed an interest in developing for the platform.

More news will be posted on Amiga Flame shortly it will take time for me to catch up, please be patient, and do send me e-mail about any news that I missed while away:-

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