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AmigaOS 4 On Tour

As the release of the AmigaOS 4 draws ever closer the developers and beta-testers behind this huge project have announced an AmigaOS 4 Tour. Amiga users will finally have the opportunity to see the new AmigaOS in action.

Specially planned events will be held at Amiga retailers and club meetings throughout Europe such as in Germany, Slowenia, Switzerland, and Sweden. It has been confirmed by Jürgen Schober of, one of the organisers that they will have an AmigaOS 4 running on a CyberStorm PPC (with a native PPC kernel), as well as having current modules like Roadshow, AmigaInput, Mount-Rainer (CD/RW), etc. with the new AmigaOS4.0 design on display. Various AmigaOne machines will also be on show.

The German show which is to be held on the 14th of June at Amiga Club Augsburg is expected to draw crowds as the Hyperion developers Steffen Häuser, Hans-Jörg Frieden and Thomas Frieden will attend the event. Organisers are interested to know the amount of people planning to attend as they may extend the event to the 15th of June as well. Contact the Amiga Club Augsburg to indicate whether you would like the event to be extended.

Although UK users remain eager to see AmigaOS 4 in action the AmigaOS 4 Tour does not yet take in the UK. Organisers are aware that there is a great deal of interest but no retailers or user groups have made arrangements that might facilitate such an event. Interested retailers or user groups should contact the organisers if they wish to be included in the AmigaOS 4 Tour.

AmigaOS 4 Tour Dates

7th June, BOF Multimedia Store, Ljubljana, Slowenia
14th June, Amiga Club Augsburg, Germany
21st June, Basel, Switzerland
28th June, Gothenburg, Sweden
28th June, BOF, Shopping-Center West, Graz, Austria
5th July, Amiga Alpe Adria, Udine, Italy
5th July, Amont Informatique, Toulouse, France

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