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New Update to Tales of Tamar Available

Eternity Entertainment Software have made available a new update to Tales of Tamar, a turn-based Play By Email (PBEM) strategy-game which was released shortly before Christmas.

This new update fixes some of the bugs that gamers have encountered but also includes new features. There are new town animations, rebellion of town added, and improved memory management in SetPeople, BlitFigur and Motion, flickering. The new rebellion feature is in particular interesting as it means that players realms no longer grow uncontrollably as they have to ensure that order is maintained throughout their realm or face the consequences.

German Amiga magazine, Amiga Plus in a recent review gave Tales of Tamar six out of six points and awarded the game with the title, Game Of The Year 2002. Vivendi Universal the company responsible for publishing the Blizzard series of games so impressed by the game have put forward an offer to publish the pc version of Tales of Tamar.

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