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Tales of Tamar Released

After six years of development by Eternity Entertainment Software, Tales of Tamar, a turn-based Play By Email (PBEM) strategy-game has finally been released. Through the use of PBEM gamers have an opportunity to join players from all around the world in one game world.

Tales of Tamar picks up on the concept of games such as Emperor or Civilisation and further expands them into what has become the giant online world of Tamar. In Tales of Tamar you live in a world far away from our civilization, comparable to the Middle Ages. In this world there exists man, dwarves, dragons and a lot of other races. There is magic, there are druids and dungeons. You can fight, trade, investigate, build cities, raise taxes and make peace treaties. Your aim is to reign your empire and to survive against other real opponents.

To play Tales of Tamar actively, you only have to receive and sent a turn each day. Both won't take longer than a minute normally, so you're only spending 2 units a day. There are some opponent races which are computer controlled, but mostly you will meet real people who rule their own realm. Some might want to forges friendships with you or perhaps become your new enemy.

The minimum requirements for Tales of Tamar is an Amiga with at least an 020 processor, 4MB Fast Ram, and a good modem. Versions of Tales of Tamar for the Atari, Linux, and Windows are still be development but will be ready soon.

Tales of Tamar has already impressed game reviewers with Amiga Future giving it 93% while Total Amiga awarded it a 5-Star rating.

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