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Beta-testers for Tales of Tamar Needed

The developers behind Tales of Tamar, a turn based, multiplayer strategy game have re-stated that they intend to actively support Amiga gamers. According to the ToT team, they plan to “release new features on the Amiga first”.

Eternity has been developing a new version of Tales of Tamar for the past year. Re-writing of the game took over three months and so they are ready to take the first step towards the new 3D map. In order to continue to the next step, the actual 3D map, the new and updated client needs to be thoroughly tested to find and fix as many bugs as possible. The ToT team need your help as they are looking for thirty active beta-testers willing to test the new features on different Amiga systems.

If you have the free time and the motivation, then contact the ToT team at:-


Visit their web site to see the new screenshots:-

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