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SEAL have announced their future plans for Clubbed magazine, which will see two major improvements it will be renamed to Total Amiga and will soon be available bimonthly. It has become clear that the void left following the changes at Amiga Active means that Total Amiga will essentially be the only regular UK print Amiga magazine. It is their hope that Amiga users in the UK and abroad will be encouraged to pick up subscriptions.

Totally Amiga is entirely produced on the Amiga, written by enthusiasts and operates on a not-for-profit basis. They are committed to covering all aspects of the Amiga market and all products aimed at Amiga users in a totally impartial manner. Each issue has 44 or more A4 pages, a colour cover and is professionally printed. At the World of Amiga SE show both Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc and Alan Redhouse of EyeTech endorsed Total Amiga and you can expect to see articles from them in future issues.

The staff at Total Amiga will significantly be co-operating with the French magazine Amiga Power to share content (translated both ways). This will boost content although they are currently seeking more contributors.

A 4-issue subscription to Total Amiga costs 14 UK pounds including UK postage and single trial issues are available for 3.50 inclusive. Overseas subscriptions are available, please see their web site for rates. You can order direct from SEAL by cheque or postal order or via credit card through Forematt Home Computing or on-line at Kicksoft.

If you want to become a contributor or want more subscription details then e-mail SEAL at:-


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