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Amiga Flame's Top 10 Games Of 1999

Amiga Gamers voted in strength this year with over 250 votes collected since Christmas Day with voting ending 12PM on New Years Eve. There was many close battles between a number of games but overwhelming 40% of the vote, went to one game in particular. To find out which game proved to be the "Best Game of 1999", scroll down through the Top 10 Games of 1999.

I hope that next year to not only see more games getting released but more games of excellence like this years Number 1. Amiga Gamers have plenty to look forward to in 1999. Perhaps some of these development teams who worked hard this year will have another go this year to have their game become the "Best Game Of 1999".

No Title Genre Developer Publisher Description


C&C style game Homegrown Software Homegrown Software Homegrown Software's C&C game, Moonbases finally got released by Alive Mediasoft after having problems with their previous publisher. A disappointing result but the Napalm factor made it inevitable


Red Mars
Strategy war game Power Computing It was expected that Red Mars, another C&C game would fail to gain much popularity among Amiga Gamers. Power Computing's failure to publicise the game more amongst the Amiga Press, meant that most Gamers either weren't aware of the game or were put off.


The Prophet
RPG Alive Mediasoft The Prophet, which was developed by a one-man author, boasted what most other developments have lacked, 200,000 locations from city locations to graveyards and even an alternative dimension. This RPG in the style of Dungeon Master offered a welcome alternative to the usual mix of C&C style games in 1999.


Putty Squad
Puzzle/ Platform game Alive Mediasoft Putty Squad is a delightful platform game, which was never properly released, that is until Alive Mediasoft took up the task. I was convinced by this game when the first demo came out many years ago, and still it only takes you to play the demo, to want to buy this awesome game. It was only released in the closely weeks of December, but has climbed the chart well.


Goal 2000
Soccer Alive Mediasoft Steven Flowers of Alive Mediasoft will be happy to know that he isn't the only soccer fan to enjoy Goal 2000. Alive Mediasoft revamped this soccer game adding new in-gameplay tweaks, with sales bound to continue to be healthy as more soccer fans look for an alternative to the famous Sensible Soccer. Alive Mediasoft will be pleased with how gamers voted with their three games taking 8th, 7th and 6th spot.


Shoot'em up ClickBOOM The battle lines were drawn between T-Zer0, popular amongst the shoot'em up fans and Virtual Grand Prix, attracting its support from the F1 racing fans. T-Zer0 in the end failed to blast Virtual Grand Prix from passing ahead over the finishing line, knocking T-Zer0 to 5th position. One T-Zer0 voter, Gary Storm, explained the popularity of this game, pointing out "it may be an old genre, but it's the best rendition yet. Smooth, frenetic, and ultra-playable".


Virtual Grand Prix
F1 Racing Paolo Cattani Epic Marketing This F1 racing game is fantastic for those people who really think they could handle F1 racing with it being very realistic, so much so that rather than being the winner of each race, you might find that end up like Hill, going off the track more than staying on it. The author, Paolo Cattani has done a fine job, with the popularity of this racing game clearly illustrating the demand for more games of this genre.


Wasted Dreams
Arcade Adventure Digital Dreams Entertainment Digital Dreams Entertainment This arcade-adventure offered a mixture of shoot'em up type action, along with puzzles, strategy and plenty of mystery. Wasted Dreams had twice as many votes as Virtual Grand Prix with it proving to a favourite for Amiga journalists. Michael Pittaro of Totally Amiga Magazine said, "the guys at DDE worked real hard to produce such a fabulous title".


Strategy war game similar to Command & Conquer ClickBOOM Napalm once again proved ClickBOOM to be one of the best Amiga game publishers, and although they failed to reach that top spot, Napalm was certainty without a doubt one of the best strategy games in 1999. It's going to take a lot of effort from developers in 2000 to beat the explosive effects and well-designed gameplay of Napalm. If you looking for best in strategy, then make sure you pick up Napalm.


Wipeout 2097
Futuristic Racing Digital Images Blittersoft Digital Images conversion of Wipeout 2097, won over 100 votes with Amiga Gamers impressed by Digital Images effort to push the power of the Amiga to its very limits with one Amiga Gamer stating, “my vote goes to Wipeout2097 because it's the first commercial Amiga game to fully take advantage of a ppc card and 3d gfx card”. But Claus Luethje sums up the feelings of many who supported Wipeout 2097, "this is the killer game of 1999!!!".

I am therefore pleased to announce that after the final count - Wipeout 2097 was the clear winner and as a result is Amiga Flame's "Best Game Of 1999".

Wipeout 2097


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