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Amiga Flame's Top Five Games Of 2002

This is the one point in the Amiga Flame calendar of events when gamers are given the opportunity to air your opinion about Amiga gaming by voting for the Best Game of the year. It is important to participate in such events as you have the opportunity to show some appreciation for the hard work of the developers. I would like to thank all those people who voted and although slightly down from last year there seems to have been much enthusiasm with people only too willing to add comments about the game they most enjoyed in 2002.

With the voting now over and the total number of votes collected Amiga Flame presents the Top Five Games of 2002.

No Title Genre Developer Publisher Description


Software Tycoon
Simulation game Blackstar / Destrax Epic Interactive I was rather surprised that Software Tycoon didn't receive more votes than it did. In my opinion this unusual simulation seems to have failed to attract the attention it deserves. Those users who were willing to part with the money seem to have enjoyed the title for example GFX-Base reviewers Richard Kapp and Michael VanAllen rated it 10 out of 10 and even gave it a GFX-Base Award.


The Feeble Files
Adventure game from the creators of the Simon The Sorcerer series AdventureSoft Epic Interactive Adventure games continue to feature in the charts every year with Aqua number 5 in the last year's chart while Simon The Sorcerer II reached the number 4 spot in the 2000 Top Ten chart. Epic Interactive's conversion of this AdventureSoft game, a real quality title clearly proved to be popular among adventure fans.


Crossfire II
A mixture of the well-known shoot'em up games Stardust, X-Out and Wing Commander Dreamworlds Development APC&TCP Original titles continue to climb to the highest parts of the yearly chart with Crossfire II fighting off The Feeble Files to take the number 3 spot. Many voters expressed their own personal opinion about the game when they voted, for example one voter stated, “My vote is for Crossfire 2. I think it's just one of the greatest releases of last year because it's so simple but SOOOO much fun”. There are possible plans to produce a mission disk, so let's hope that the developers following this result will proceed with such plans.


Tales Of Tamar
Turn-based Play By Email (PBEM) strategy-game Eternity Eternity Eternity Entertainment spent over six years developing this unique strategy game in which gamers play against other gamers in a giant online world in which you can create your own empire. In terms of votes Tales of Tamar received almost twice as many votes as The Feeble Files with one voter stating, “One Of The Best Original Games For AMIGA In Years! Absolutely Worth The Waiting!” I'm confident that this title will continue to win more converts in 2003.


Quake II
3D Shooter ID Software Hyperion Entertainment Hyperion Entertainment since the late 1990s have worked hard to bring to Amiga gamers some the best games ever produced. In the year 2000 Hyperion's first offering Heretic II won the support of Amiga Gamers and thus become the Best Game of the year. Last year Hyperion's two titles – Freespace and Shogo were beaten to the number one place by Payback. Well even though Hyperion Entertainment were busy working on AmigaOS 4, their conversion of Quake II to the Amiga was worth it as this 3D shooter has been a hit with gamers. The fact that Hyperion staff members have continued to improve and enhance the game with updates and extras has not gone unnoticed. One voter summed up the feelings of many supporters when he stated, “Quake 2 is an excellent port by Hyperion, and the fact that they have released two updates since the initial release is top-notch”.

I am therefore pleased to announce that after the final count – Quake II was the clear winner and as a result is Amiga Flame's Best Game Of 2002.

Quake II


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