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Amiga Flame's Top Five Games Of 2001

This year the total number of votes was slightly reduced compared to last years huge turnout. However, it was nonetheless an exciting and very interesting vote as gamers once again emphasized that they have a taste for all kinds of games, whether they be original or conversions. I also believe that this vote should clearly indicate to games developers the importance of developers not only producing quality titles but also offering continued support even after a title has been released.

It is important to understand the value of the vote for the Top Five Games of 2001. This vote gave gamers the opportunity to select their favourite title of the year and thus show their appreciation for the work of development teams. I would like to thank everyone who took part, and so present the Top Five Games of 2001.

No Title Genre Developer Publisher Description


Puzzle Bobble clone Nexus Development Both Aqua and PuzzleBOBS share the fifth Position; although gamers did not vote with the same enthusiasm as they did for the other games, some gamers clearly enjoyed them. Nexus Development's first game PuzzleBOBS seems to reinforce the view that puzzle/ adventure games can be successful.


Adventure Emerald Imaging Aqua was never going to be able to reach the graphical standards set by Myst, but Aqua still proved to be popular with adventure fans.


Land of Genesis
Shoot'em up platform game Maurizio Gemelli Crystal Interactive Software I was pleased to see that Land of Genesis reached Number 4, as it was an impressive shoot'em up, which did not get the attention it deserved. The author put a lot of effort into its production, with over 180 different enemies each with their own individual AI, and he even provided an extended version of the game for higher spec gamers. Well done, Maurizio Gemelli.


Earth 2140 Misson Pack
Real-time strategy Pagan Games Epic Interactive It was clear last year that Epic and Pagan Games had selected the right game to convert to the Amiga with strategy the genre that always seems to be popular among Amiga gamers. Building on the success of Earth 2140, Pagan Games released a Mission Pack. Even though the mission pack did not include multiplayer support via the internet, it would seem that strategy fans were still pleased with the all the extras and features included in the Mission Pack.


Freespace: The Great War
Space-combat simulator Hyperion Entertainment Haage & Partner Hyperion released two games this year, Shogo and Freespace, a space-combat simulator – and what a battle they fought in this year's vote. They were neck-and-neck throughout the vote but finally upon closing the last vote for Shogo led to both of the Hyperion titles sharing the Number 2 spot. It could have been a different story as Freespace was lucky to have been included in the vote for it was only released in the last few days of the year. I think Hyperion will be really pleased by Freespace's performance, as it will probably win over the support of many more gamers in the next few months. Hopefully Hyperion will be convinced that Amiga gamers do have a wide range of gaming tastes and thus games like Freespace can be a success.


3D first person shooter Hyperion Entertainment Titan Computer Hyperion's choice of Shogo as their next big conversion was an excellent decision. Shogo was a very successful 3D shooter on the pc and the 3D shooter genre had been a hit with Amiga gamers as Heretic II, Hyperion's first conversion was the Best Game of 2000. After Shogo's release it received great reviews from magazines like Amiga Active and it was really popular especially with Amiga PowerPC gamers.


A 3D gangster warfare simulator in the vein of Grand Theft Auto Apex Designs Virtual Programming (formerly Blittersoft) Gamers were stunned by the sheer quality of Payback providing gamers with the opportunity to cause chaos and devastation. After playing the demo one gamer said, “The way I killed the rival gang set-up in the square was by throwing in a nice grenade then flaming the survivors. Heehee! Damn I am looking forwards to the full version 80)”. James Daniels, the author of Payback has also won much praise for his continuing efforts to improve the game yet further in particular the PowerPC update, which gave Payback even more life for PowerPC gamers. The hard work and dedication of James Daniels has paid off, as Payback is the Best Game of 2001.

I am therefore pleased to announce that after the final count – Payback was the clear winner and as a result is Amiga Flame's Best Game Of 2001.



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