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Amiga Flame's Top 10 Games Of 2000

This year's vote, seen one of the biggest turnouts in the last two years that I have conducted this vote. I believe that this might be a sign that development teams offered better quality games than in previous years and so readers have been buying more games than in recent years. It is important to understand the value of the vote for the 'Top Ten Games of 2000'. It is a way for gamers to select their favourite title of the year and thus show their appreciation for the work of development teams. I would like to thank everyone therefore who took part, and so present the 'Top Ten Games of 2000'.

No Title Genre Developer Publisher Description


Virtual Ball Fighters
Puzzle Xteam Software Solution Virtual Ball Fighters knocked both Seaside and Joyride out of the chart with this puzzle game failing to win the type of support that Bubble Heroes has received from gamers. Journalists however still enjoy this game, a review by Kids Domain said, “This is like no other Tetris game you have ever seen. The 3D graphics are unbelievable”.


Tales From Heaven
First Mario N64 clone Darkage Software Darkage Software's first commercial release was to see the first Mario 64 clone reach the Amiga. It was thought to be impossible but Darkage proved them wrong. However, even though Tales From Heaven was the first Mario 64 clone it has failed to reach the heights of the chart.


Code Name Hell Squad
Action Adventure Digital Dreams Entertainment Digital Dreams Entertainment This action adventure game allows you lead a team of four mercenaries, through beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds on a mission to survive. Code Name Hell Squad deserves a much higher place in my opinion. I think its failure to win publicity amongst the Amiga press has meant that many Amiga gamers have still to find out about this action adventure.


Foundation: Gold Edition
Real-time strategy game Paul Burkey Epic Interactive Paul Burkey will be impressed by the fact that his strategy game, Foundation remains popular with Amiga gamers. Foundation Gold has been described as being almost the unofficial sequel of the original Foundation strategy game. It in fact combines Foundation Directors Cut and Foundation – The undiscovered Land, adding a number of new features. Perhaps this will spur Paul Burkey on to make a sequel.


Exodus: The Last War
Real-time strategy game Blittersoft The next three games fought it out for 4th place with Exodus four votes short from winning 4th place. The Polish development team should not be disheartened their real-time strategy game has done well during the short time it has been released and I am sure that once Amiga magazines have reviewed it, that this game will win more fans. It is an impressive game highlighting the strengths of this development team, hopefully we will see more from them.


Bubble Heroes
Puzzle/ Adventure Arcadia Developments Crystal Interactive Software I couldn't believe just how far Bubble Heroes would kept climbing with it receiving a steady stream of votes. Gary Storm commenting on the release of Bubble Heroes said, that “is a game very similar to 'Bust A Move 2' on the Playstation” and that “anyone who`s played that knows how addictive and fun it is, and "Bubble Heroes" is a fantastic Amiga rendition”.


Simon The Sorcerer II
Adventure Adventure Soft Epic Interactive Simon The Sorcerer II was released just before Christmas and has done well to reach so high in the charts. I don't think that its position truly reflects how well this adventure game is destined to do in the next few months with many Amiga magazines yet to review this long awaited game. This is an adventure game well worth placing on your after Christmas purchase list.


Earth 2140
Real-time strategy game Topware Epic Interactive I am astounded that Earth 2140 was able to climb the chart so quickly with this real-time strategy game almost knocking Nightlong from second place. Epic and Pagan Games selected the right game to convert to the Amiga with strategy the genre that always seems to be popular among Amiga gamers. We should expect to see more from Epic and Pagan Games in the new-year, lets hope they offer more games like this one.


Adventure Trecison ClickBOOM Last year ClickBOOM's strategy game Napalm reached second place and once again they have produced another fine game with Nightlong. It was certainty without a doubt a favourite among adventure fans and so if you're looking for an adventure, check out Nightlong.


Heretic II
Quake style game Hyperion Software Titan Computer Hyperion's first offering Heretic II has won the hearts of Amiga Gamers, it only took a few days for this Quake-style shooter to edge away from the rest winning twice as many votes as Nightlong. Many gamers who had spent money on PowerPC boards and graphics card have expressed their joy at being able to play such a huge game.

I am therefore pleased to announce that after the final count – Heretic II was the clear winner and as a result is Amiga Flame's Best Game Of 2000.

Heretic II


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