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Third Update for AmigaOS 4 Released

Hyperion Entertainment has released a new update for AmigaOS 4, which provides a range of new features. Although, some users have experienced a few difficulties with the update, many users have noticed a vast improvement in the speed and features available.

This third update adds new functionality to the operating system as it includes a new kernel, IDE devices, Picasso96/Graphics and monitor drivers, Roadshow TCP/IP stack and updated eth3com.device. A few items have been updated like the reaction classes, datatypes, Preferences programs, and Locale.

According to Hans-Joerg Frieden of Hyperion, a new update of the Software Development Kit will follow soon to help developers. More importantly, it has been confirmed that the new Amiga Operating System will be commercially available later this year.

Update 3 can be downloaded from their website:-

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