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Tony Gore's Report on AmigaOS 4 Demonstration

Tony Gore, a member of the North Carolina/ South Carolina user group has written a small report about their latest meeting at which AmigaOS 4 was demonstrated.

Tony Gore's Report
In total, there were about 15 people who either showed up or dropped by to see the OS4 demo. Not alot, but not too bad concidering that "Amiga" has seemed to be non-existant here for most of the last ten years.

Among those attending were members of our user group, and four or five guests who just read about the meeting on the web and drove over from several hours away to see the OS4 Demo on the AmigaOne.

The AmigaOne was running the latest Uboot and had 512MB RAM, Voodoo3 3000 16MB, and an Audigy 2 sound card (which worked beautifully, I must say) connected to a set of Altec Lansing AVS500 speakers. It was connected to a broadband cable connection and a Linksys EtherFast Router.

The first thing you notice different is that now a visible "Kickstart Load" bar is displayed just before the OS boots. Once the system booted, it was apparent that things have advanced much more than they were at our December meeting. The entire OS looks more polished, and seems faster... even more than before. We were able to load a number of applications including MicroDot, AmiIRC, Ibrowse 2.3, and of course, you know that Quake made the rounds. Quake was very nice and even when cranked up to 1280X1024 (still using software render) it just never missed a beat.

There were a couple of times where we saw a Grim Reaper, but overall, I would say that the OS "felt" finished. I'm sure there are a few bugs left to iron out, but my impression of this newest Beta OS4 is that it must really be getting close to what we are all waiting for. As a special treat, we got to actually watch the AmigaOne boot to the OS4 install CD. It boots directly into a Workbench setup with full access to Media Toolbox and everything needed to setup the system from scratch. A job very well done, Hyperion.

Among those attending today were normal users as well as software developers. OS4 is convincing... enough so to convince one developer that now it is safe to invest in this system. All in all, it was a nice meeting, and I want to thank everyone who attended. Also a special thanks to Doug for bringing the AmigaOne and OS4 to demo.

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