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Technomages Update Art Avenue Puzzle Games

Technomages have announced that two brand new editions of Art Avenue Puzzles (1 and 2) are now available. These new editions include larger images, a new interface, an art slide show, harder difficulty modes, and more. Current owners of Art Avenue Puzzles 1 and/or 2 can go to the Amiga Anywhere web site and download the new versions free of charge.

The new versions of Art Avenue Puzzles 1 and 2 have an "Easter Egg" (A message, graphic, sound sample, or some unexpected event in response to undocumented keystrokes, input or conditions) built into the game. The first person to find one of the Easter Eggs and e-mails Technomages with a detailed description of what happens will win a free Technomages game.

If you find the hidden easter egg, then e-mail Technomages at:-


Visit their web site at :-

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